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Aura is an arts management company located in Reykjavik, Iceland. Aura Arts Management develops, plans, finds funding opportunities and manages artistic and cultural related projects. We do various types of research in the field of arts and arts management. We teach courses and hold seminars about how to develop artistic projects and how to follow them through. We also offer event planing, both private and corporate. Read more about Aura…

  • We help foreign artists and organisations to connect to the Icelandic art scene for European, Nordic or Worldwide collaboration. Read more…
  • We help artists, arts groups and arts organisations with their projects on all levels, financial planning and funding, marketing, organising and more. Read more…
  • We offer high quality cultural event planing.
  • We hold seminars and teach courses for artists unions, artists and art students in further education on how to develop an arts project an how to follow it through.
  • We offer project management for any arts or cultural related projects.

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2 comments on “English

  1. Alice Liu

    This is Alice Liu from Listhús í Fjallabyggð. We are now „OPEN Call“ for exhibition in 2012. Selected proposals will have a rental free opportunity exhibiting in our gallery. For details, please visit our website:

  2. Wandulu Timothy (The VICTIM)

    This is really Great in the name of ART…. AURAARTS Thank You. i know You can be of great help to Artists like Me… Thanks

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