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About Aura

Cultural consultants

Signý Leifsdóttir and Sigríður (Didda) Aradóttir both hold a Masters Degree in Cultural and Arts Management from Bifröst Business. Signý also holds a Bachelor Degree in Music Education and Didda holds a Bachelor Degree in Icelandic and a Teaching Degree at Upper-Secondary Level.


Aura aims to become leading in Cultural Management in Iceland.  We aim to expand and become a global company that operates without borders and brings artists from all over the world together in cultural projects.


Aura Arts Management develops, plans, finds funding opportunities and manages artistic and cultural related projects. Aura does various kinds of research in the field of arts and arts management. We teach courses and hold seminars about how to develop artistic projects and how to follow them through. Aura also offers event planing both corporate and private.


Aura – Promotes culture

Values – Guiding Light

  • Artists should have the freedom to work on art whether it is to create or perform.
  • The arts are one of the main aspects of society.
  • The arts are an important industry.
  • The arts are an inspiration to innovation in the economy and human society.
  • Arts shape and reflect the identity and values of society.

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