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More information on services for artists, arts groups and arts organisations

Range of services

  • General consultancy – can be anything related to project development, funding, arts management or anything related to the cultural sphere.
  • Project development – we help you develop a project that suits you.
  • Organising – all booking, timing and any other organizing that is needed for artistic projects.
  • Funding –we help you find funding opportunities, we can fill out the funding applications for you or help you to do so yourself.
  • Project Management – of all kinds of projects within arts and culture.

What happens after you contact us?
We will set up a meeting with you, we do not charge for the first meeting. At this meeting we will discuss your idea and how Aura can help you. This involves us, in collaboration with you, making a rough requirements analysis for your project. After this meeting we will make you an offer for our services.

So basically – Aura works like this:
1. First meeting and rough requirements analysis
2. Offer from Aura
3. Signed offer and gathering of data for the project
4. Service provided in steps or milestones
5. A brilliant artistic project!


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